IEI VioGate-100 Network DVR Server

by IEI
IEI VioGate-100 Network DVR Server
Digital Surveillance System Server.
The number of cameras can be increased easily and cameras can be monitored anywhere as long as a network or internet connection is available.


Fast System Integration And Convenience for Expansion
The number of cameras and storage capacity can be easily expanded and integrated under a modularized system.

Web Base Control Interface
Use IE browser to display and play back video images as well as manage the whole surveillance system.

Detailed Online Help
All functions on each page have a user friendly online help for detailed explanations and assistance.

50 - Second System Configuration Settings
The Quick Setup function allows the user to finish system configuration settings within seconds.

Support Various Types of Storage Devices
Video image files can be stored to most network storage devices such as Window OS (98/ME/2000/XP), Linux/UNIX File Server, FTP Server, and NAS.

Consummate User Right Management
The users' right such as display and play back channels, speed dome camera PTZ control and system setting are all controlled by administrator.

Supports PPPoE and DDNS
VioGate-100 supports PPPoE for ADSL users and DDNS services for dynamic IP addresses users.

IP Security Settings
User can specify the range of IP addresses allowed or not allowed, ensuring additional security.

Reboot Remote Control
The reboot and shutdown functions may be controlled remotely.

Time- base or Event driven Video Playback
Video play back can be based on a selected time or event.

Multiple Speed of playback speed
From 16x high speed to 1/16x low speed playback, based on user's requirement.

Multiple Video Recording Modes
Simultaneous video image recording and snapshot.

Complete Event and Action Management
In addition to motion detection, all events including video fail, connection fail, system fault, storage fail, storage full and GPI (General Purposenput) can enable, sending warning e-mails, audible warning alarm and GPO (General Purpose Output).

Flexible Camera Configurations
Users may configure the resolution, compression ratio and frame rate. Depending on users exact requirements, the configuration for the impartment camera can be set to a higher resolution (640x480) and slower frame rate, or with lower compression rate and faster frame rate.

Multiple Storage Modes
Options for continuous recording, scheduled recording, event-triggered recording, or web-based remote manual recording are all available.

Statistics and Logs
In addition to the statistics and event logs in detail, the system is able to identify which users are logged in to the system, as well as their IP address.

Software Updates
Built-in software updates function. Any new version of the in-house developed software can be easily updated by downloading from iEi's web site and installed by using the update function.


Video input
4 channel BNC composite input NTSC/PAL auto sensing

Video Resolution
160x120, 320x240, 640x240, 640x480

Video Compression Ratio
5 adjustable levels

Browsing Mode
Through IE Browser (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP) 5.0 or above:
- Single Channel, Four Channels
- Picture-In-Picture Mode
- Sequential Mode
- Video dimension (1xMode, 2xMode, Full Screen Mode)

Video Recording Mode
Continuous Recording
Scheduling Recording
Event-triggered Recording
Manual Recording (Manual snapshot)

Video Playback
Through IE Browser:
-Four Channels at the same time
-Multiple playback speed (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 1/2x, 1/4x, 1/8x, 1/16x speed)

Video Compression
Motion JPEG (Support Multicast).

Video Storage
Support remote storage including Windows OS (98, ME, 2000, XP), Linux/UNIX File Serer, FTP Server, NAS.

Motion Detection
Multiple detection areas with 5 adjustable sensitivity levels 30 seconds pre alarm video recordings motion triggered mode.

Web-based Control
Internet explorer with Active-X support.
Web-based system management:
- System setting
- Network setting
- Security setting
- User management
- Camera setting
- Recording/Snapshort setting
- Event handing
- Statistics and logs
- System tool for software maintenance and update

Security settings
IP security settings: Accept all IP addresses, Accept specified IP addresses, and Deny specified IP addresses.
Configurable user surveillance right on viewing channels, playback channels, PTZ camera control and configuration setting.

Event Handling
Event Type
Motion detection
Video input loss
Network fail
System fail
Storage full
GPI (General Purpose Input)

Event Action Type
Voice alert
GPO (General Purpose Output)

10/100Base-T Ethernet
DHCP client support
PPPoE, DDNS support
Support Active X

Serial Port
One RS232 and RS485 (for P/T/Z camera control)

General Purpose I/O
4 alarm inputs; 4 alarm outputs (4 relays)

System Auto Recovery
Auto system recovery after power loss recovery

Additional Software
VioGate Finder-automatic searching for all VioGate-100 units within the LAN and be able to change network setting.
VioGate Viewer iV client application for the retrieval of recorded video directly from the storage source.

Operation Conditions
Temperature : 5 ~ 50oC (40 ~ 125oF)
Humidity : 5 ~ 95% RHG

Power Source
100 ~ 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz

Height : 200mm
Width : 90mm
Length : 215mm
Weight : 3Kg