Panasonic LQ-MD800E DVD Video Recorder

Panasonic LQ-MD800E DVD Video Recorder
Professional DVD-RAM/R Recorder/Player.


Direct recording into available space:
You do not have to find a place to start as you do with tapes. There is also no fear of recording over previous recordings.

Send text data such as title:
You can use the RS-232C/USB cables to send text information to use as program titles.

Auto-protect function:
Recorded images can be protected automatically.

Repeat play, play list editing:
Just decide a length of time to repeat, then specify the end point during play to play a section repeatedly. You can also edit together the images you need into a play list.

Play and edit on a PC:
Use PC application to edit and create backup discs.

Small and light, power compatible between 100V and 240V, NTSC/PAL:
Compact so you have freedom in placement. Play recordings made overseas (NTSC/PAL switchable).

DVD-RAM disc features

High reliability:
- Cartridge-type, easy handling.
- Rewriting 100,000 times.
- DMS (Defect Management System) jumps over drops and scratches for recording (UDF2.0).

High capacity, removable:
- Ideal for an image library.
- Long term storage 30 years and more with no change.
- Single-sided 4.7 GB/Double-sided 9.4 GB.