Datavideo VP-332 DV Repeater

Datavideo VP-332 DV Repeater
DV Repeater and Distribution Amplifier.

VP-332 has six, 6-pin IEEE1394 compliant cable ports, (100/200 and 400 Megabits per second) which will allow any DV edit suite to have multiple devices connected at the same time; with either selective or simultaneous data transfer (simultaneously with asynchronous and isochronous data transfers without changing cables). The device itself has both a self-powered and cable-powered mode and supports hot plug and play functions

The DV Repeater is capable of working with up to 63 cascaded FireWire devices each of which may send or receive information. Compatible with PC Windows 98/SE/ME/XP/2000 systems and iMac systems.

You can also use the DV repeater with up to five 20metre FireWire cables to create a 200m cable run.