Datavideo SE-800AV Digital Video Mixer NTSC

Datavideo SE-800AV Digital Video Mixer NTSC
4 analog inputs professional mixer.


Video Input: Each input can select any source Component YUV, S (Y/C) or Composite video.
Video Output: Composite, S (Y/C), Component.
Audio Inputs: Video Source A to D, Music, AUX., Microphone Stereo Audio Input.
Audio Output: Main output and earphone output with volume control.
Audio Sync Delay Time: -3 Frames To + 20 Frames.
Color processor including R.G.B. Correction can be stored with different settings upon each video input.
Three channel stereo mixer with stereo microphone and earphone connections.
50 + Digital effects include: A/B Roll, A/B Dissolve, Chroma Key, Mosaic, PIP, Strobe, Scaling, Negative, Fade and Wipe with soft edge...etc.
30 Programmable playback function keys, store and save your transitions (wipe, fade, zoom, and special effects with parameters) Playback instantly by pressing a single key.
Position Control - With Mosaic Effect Full Screen Position Control By Joystick or Keypad.
RS-232 Data Control Port for Remote Control and Software Updating.
Dual Channel TBC with Full Frame Synchronizers 4:2:2 - 3.5MHz for Composite, S (Y/C)and Component Y.U.V. Inputs and outputs.