Videonics MXPro Gold Digital Video Mixer PAL

Videonics MXPro Gold Digital Video Mixer PAL
10-bit, four-input video production switcher, mixer, frame synchronizer/ TBC (Time Base Corrector), manual color corrector and special effects generator.


Live Productions.
Sporting Events.
Business and classroom presentations.
General video switching.
Weather chroma key.
Internet Productions.
Linear Editing.

See also : Globalmediapro video mixers


10-bit 4:2:2 digital video.
Now over 600 manual or automatic video transitions, including fades; sawtooth, curved edge and straight edge wipes; slides; dissolves; zooms and trailing effects.
Organic shapes such as eye, dome, flying X, clover, wine glass, circle, heart, keyhole, binocular, diamond and star; for transitions and PiPs.
True Manual RGB Color Correction.
Built-in audio mixer with background music feature (constant audio independent of video).
Stores 30 favorite transitions in a user defined menu.
Soft edges, colored borders and shadows for transitions and PiPs.
Single and multiple picture-in-picture & movable mosaic.
Frame or field freeze with freeze memory.
Learn memorizes a series of effects and multiple configurations (Input Effects, Routing, Color Correction).
Flexible preview display.
Color generator creates solid color background and borders from an unlimited color palette.
Compose creates a collage of still and/or moving pictures.
Chroma Key-keys on any color.
Dual-Field Time Base Correction (TBC) automatically corrects time base to RS-170A standard.
Input effects like picture flip, strobe, mosaic, posterization (paint), B&W and color negative.
GPI trigger input.
S-video (Y/C) and composite (RCA) video inputs on all four channels and on output. Use all S, all composite, or any combination.
Color bar and black burst generators.



VIDEO: 4 x S-video (Y/C): Y=1 Vp-p, C=0.30 Vp-p, 75-ohm, 4-pin mini-DIN connectors 4 x composite: 1.0 Vp-p 75-ohm, RCA connectors
AUDIO: 8 x RCA connectors, 15 k ohms
GPI: Mini-Jack


VIDEO (PREVIEW and MAIN): 2 x 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm, PREVIEW=1x RCA; MAIN=2x RCA Connectors 2x S-Video (MAIN): Y=1.0 Vp-p, C=0.3 Vp-p; 75 ohm, 4-pin mini-DIN connector
AUDIO (L and R): 1 k ohms, RCA connectors
HEADPHONE: Stereo jack, 8-100 ohms, mono signal


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