MainConcept MainVision High-End Compositing Software

MainConcept MainVision High-End Compositing Software
MainVision is a powerful compositing, special effects and vector animation program with a suprisingly friendly interface and amazingly low price.


A logical, track-based interface
Resolution-independent projects
Unlimited tracks
Advanced vector animation
Easy, advanced keyframe animation
Plug-in architecture supporting popular image editing filters
Complete control of effect parameters over time
Multiprocessor support (Windows NT and 2000)
Dynamic preview
RAM preview
Image processor which can instantly generate background textures, plus a variety of other effects
Field rendering for professional quality output
Up to 10,000 undo steps

Operating systems: Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, Me, XP, NT
Current version: 1.1

Features are accessed through easy-to-configure modules, and unlimited layers can be combined to create elaborate compositions.

The new version 1.1 of MainVision adds an enhanced particle generator, an advanced alpha channel workshop, a simple yet effective chromakeyer, Adobe(R) After Effects(R) plug-in support, motion tracking, support for more import and export formats, an enhanced Image Processor, and a variety of other enhancements and tweaks.

MainVision includes a wide variety of preset effects modules:

Compositing: Basic color keyer, advanced color keyer, cropper, mapper, mixer, multiswitcher, chain mixer, channel switcher and 3D perspective.

Filtering: Blur, motion blur, bump, drop shadow, recolor, spread, aureole, brusher and support for .8BF plug-ins.

Vector drawing and painting tools: gradient, fill shape, draw shape, dotted shape, drop shadow, morphing, star generator and gradient wiper.

The program also offers advanced vector animation features including an automatic keyframe mode.

The unique Image Processor can be used to generate organic, looping background textures with a few mouse clicks. It can also create transitions, filters and other effects using text-based scripts which can easily be exchanged via e-mail or in discussion forums.