Videonics TM-3000 Character Generator PAL

Videonics TM-3000 Character Generator PAL
High-resolution titles in a million colors.
The full size keyboard includes accented characters for 21 different languages.
Advanced features include patterns, see-through video effects,
multi direction scroll, crawl, and fades, and wipes.


Corporate and Industrial video.
Wedding and Event videography.
Classroom Video productions.
Bulletin and Message Board systems.
Night Club and Restaurant Messaging Systems.
Public, Education, and Government TV Stations.


High Resolution (720 pixels per line, 480 lines) titles; NTSC or PAL (different models).
Over a million colors apply separately to letters, outline/shadow, background and border.
20 special effects (fades and wipes), 8 speeds with four-direction scroll, and crawl.
Superimpose (genlock): Title over video, or use video for letters, outlines, or borders.
Each line can use a different font, size, and style and different colors for letter, outline, and drop shadow.
32 rainbow and pixel patterns, including animated patterns, can be applied to background, letters, outline/shadow, and borders.
Background video mix: Mix colors or patterns with video for see-through or tinted video effects.
Preview output allows you to change titles out of the audience view.
16,000 character memory, hundred of pages.
Organize pages into separate "projects." Work on one project without affecting others.
Page index provides rapid access to any page and any project.
Multiple play modes: Play a pre-arranged program with different settings for each page; play pages manually (slide show); play a sequence repeatedly (video bill board); play one page.
Full keyboard includes special and foreign characters.
Includes pictorial characters (heart, bullets, etc.) and elegant "curled" quotes.
Built-in demo shows features. Can be modified or used as basis for new titles.
Video and audio inputs and outputs. Both S-video and composite (RCA) jacks for video in and out. Preview out is composite only.
GPI trigger input allows for remote trigger of titles from external controller.
5-year lithium battery backup.


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