Videonics PTM-1 Character Generator PAL

Videonics PTM-1 Character Generator PAL
Computer key board, easy to use.
28 fonts, over a million colors.
720 x 480 high resolution text.

PTM-1 is ideal for home video enthusiasts that want to add professional looking titles to their videos. It also provides Videographers with an inexpensive CG alternative.


High resolution titles: 720 x 480.
28 font and size combinations.
Drop shadow, outline, bold, variable character spacing.
Over a million colors - apply separately to letters, outline, background and border.
24 special effects (fades and wipes), eight speeds.
Scroll and crawl (eight speeds). Scroll-in one direction, hold, scroll-out another direction.
Superimpose (genlock): Title over video, or use video for letters, outlines, or borders.
Each line can use a different font, size, and style and different colors for letter, outline, and shadow.
32 rainbow and pixel patterns, including animated patterns, can be applied to backgrounds, letters, outlines/shadows, and borders.
Background video mix: Mix colors or patterns with video for see-through or tinted-video effects.
4,000 character memory with battery back-up.
On-screen text editing features include undo and clipboard-style copy and moveFull keyboard includes special and foreign characters such as (c), ü, D, etc.
Built-in demo shows features.
Video inputs and outputs. Both S-video and composite (RCA) jacks for video in and out.
GPI trigger input allows remote trigger of titles from external controller (such as Thumbs Up editor).


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