Soundcraft Digital 328XD Audio Mixer

Soundcraft Digital 328XD Audio Mixer
328 bridges the gap between analogue and digital mixers, retaining the spontaneity and ease of use of an analogue console yet providing all the advantages of digital, such as instant total recall or all digital parameters, moving fader automation and onboard Lexicon effects.

Powerful 8-bus digital mixing console.
Up to 42 inputs at mixdown.
16 mic/line and 5 stereo inputs.
16 digital tape returns on ADAT Optical and TDIF formats.
All inputs have access to 3-band parametric EQ, 4 auxes, 2 Lexicon effects sends and 2 dynamics processors.
24-bit or better throughout.
Moving 100mm faders.
Snapshot and dynamic automation capability.
Undo/redo, copy and paste functions.
Solo-in-place, AFL and PFL solos.
Machine control.
2 consoles can be cascaded.