Sony DNW-A75P Betacam SX Recorder PAL

by Sony
Sony DNW-A75P Betacam SX Recorder PAL
Pre-read editing cabability.
Variable speed control.
DMC (Dynamic Motion Control).
Shot mark handling.


High-quality Digital Video and Audio Recording
+/-0 Frame Insert/Assemble Editing
Preread Editing Capability (DNW-A75/75)
Betacam/Betacam SP Playback Capability
Variable Speed Control
DMC (Dynamic Motion Control)
Shot Mark Handling
525/60 or 625/50 Operation
Versatile Interfaces
Operation in Flexicart(tm) and
LMS Systems
High-speed Color Picture Search
Long Recording and Playback Time
Control Panel Flexibility

In the Box

AC power cord (1)
Sony DNW-A75P Operation manual (1)


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