Sony DNW-A65P Betacam SX Player PAL

by Sony
Sony DNW-A65P Betacam SX Player PAL
Variable speed control from -1 to +2 times with noiseless image and digital jog sound (Betacam SX playback only).
DMC (Dynamic Motion Control).
Shot mark, REC start mark and virtual shot mark handling.

Versatile interfaces:
analog composite and component video outputs,
component SDI output and four channels of analog audio outputs,
AES/EBU output, two audio monitor outputs,
RS-422A control, RS-232C control, parallel 50-pin remote,
control interface, video processor control interface,
(Parallel 15-pin), and time code output.


High Quality Digital Video and Audio Playback
Long Playback Time
Betacam/Betacam SP Playback Capability
MPEG Compatible
625/50 or 525/60 Versatility
Playable in Flexicart and LMS System
Versatile Interfaces
Good Shot Marks
Variable Speed Control
DMC (Dynamic Motion Control)
Flexible Remote Control Operation

In the Box

AC power cord (1)
Sony DNW-A65P Operation manual (1)


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