Sony DSR-2000AP DVCAM Editing Recorder PAL

by Sony
Sony DSR-2000AP DVCAM Editing Recorder PAL
Preread editing capability to perform A/B roll editing with two VTRs, audio mix/swap and voice over with no delay between video and audio.


The Sony DSR-2000AP is the revised version of the original DSR-2000 VTR. It now includes Fire Wire connection for interfacing with non-linear systems. The unit remains a DVCAM player/recorder machine ideal for use in professional video edit environments. The deck supports playback of all DV based formats including DVCPRO and DV recorded in both SP and LP. The DSR-2000A also has pre-read editing for superior frame accuracy. Additional advantages include a built-in jog shuttle dial that allows for 2 machine linear editing and dynamic motion control for clear playback and smooth edits at any speed.
The New Addition FireWire
The updated model DSR-2000A now includes an iLink/FireWire connection that the previous non-A machine could have as an extra cost option. For all intents and purposes the only option for this machine is now the RMM-130US rack mount kit.
Pre-Read Editing Capability
This feature provides many advantages such as A/B roll editing (mix and wipe only) using two decks and a sound-on-sound capability as well as audio cross fade function for cleans transitions at editing points. Additionally, audio mix/swap and over-dubbing of audio are available without the delay between video and audio.
Two Machine Edits
The front panel of the DSR-2000A features a built-in jog/shuttle dial that provides convenient two machine editing without external controllers. By using the built-in RS-422 machine control port with another such machine, a frame accurate edit system can be created. As an option, the BSDK-200 control panel enables remote operation up to 33 feet.
Digital Slow Motion and DMC
The DSR-2000A offers a variable speed playback function with a range of -.1 to +.1 times. Within this range the deck plays back noiseless digital slow images with smooth jog audio for ease of locating editing points. Dynamic Motion Control provides noiseless slow motion playback for VTR to VTR edits. Additionally, DMC makes it possible to control decks equipped with Dynamic Tracking from the DSR-2000A.
Process Control Feature
To provide highly stable video signals, the DSR-2000A is equipped with the process control for both analog and digital outputs. This provides accurate control of video level, chroma level, chroma phase, set-up, Y/C delay, sync phase, and sub-carrier phase for SDI, analog component, S-Video, and composite. These values can also be adjusted via the UVR-60 TBC remote and the 15-pin connector on the back of the deck.
Channel Condition Monitoring
This machine has a three-color channel condition indicator with each color representing a particular error rate threshold. This function quickly enables the operator to recognize the condition of the deck and the tape during editing operations.
Dial Menu Operation
The DSR-2000A incorporates an initial set-up menu that provides easy accessibility and simplified operation. The set-up menu can be scrolled and modified with the search dial while monitoring composite video out #3, SDI out #3, or the time counter display.
Key Inhibit and Rec. Inhibit
The VTR offers lock out functions to avoid accidental use of the deck. You may choose to lock out the record function alone or disable all the front panel keys all together.
Closed Caption Function
The DSR-2000A comes with a built-in closed captioning feature. The machine can record character data onto the video area as video auxiliary data. The closed caption data is input through the composite and SDI inputs.

In the Box

Sony DSR-2000AP Manual
Sony DSR-2000AP DVCAM PAL Studio Edit Player/Recorder with FireWire, DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO Playback, RS-422, Edit Control Panel
9-Pin Remote Cable


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