Panasonic AG-6730E S-VHS/VHS Time-Lapse VTR PAL

Panasonic AG-6730E S-VHS/VHS Time-Lapse VTR PAL
Digital Y/C separation circuit assures 400 lines of horizontal resolution.

High durability, high precision IQ mechanism promotes operational reliability and precision, and reduces power consumption.
Detailed images by field recording system provide twice the recorded information.
Large choice of recording time modes: 3H (S-VHS/VHS with sound); L12H, L24H (Linear Slow with sound); 24H, 48H, 72H, 84H, 120H, 180H, 240H, 480H (Time-Lapse); and 1-Shot mode.
Emergency recording, including Weekly Timer Recording, Daily Timer Recording, Repeat Recording, Alarm Recording, Alarm Search, Series Recording, and Automatic Time Setting.
Series Recording enables automatic continuous recording with two AG-6730 units connected together.
Optional RS-232C interface for system expandability.
Automatic switching is possible by connecting to a sequential switcher.
Safe recording features, including Warning Signal Output, Power Failure Recovery Recording, and Rec Lock Function.
Wide range of convenient functions, including Versatile Playback Function, Record Review function, On-Screen Display, and Non-Volatile Memory.