Panasonic WJ-AVE55 Non-linear Editing NTSC

Panasonic WJ-AVE55 Non-linear Editing NTSC
The WJ-AVE55 - a digital A/V mixer for effortless accomplishment of stunning effects.
Combination of a 4-input switcher, multi-function video effects unit, and audio mixer.

See also : Globalmediapro video mixers


Provides high-quality 11.5 MHz-sampled 430 lines of horizontal resolution over 600 pixels.
On-screen display (OSD) menu system is driven from the numeric keypad.
Up to 191 wipe patterns can be created from 23 basic and special patterns.
Scene grabber preserves the entire inset picture for specification of wipe pattern.
Automatic fade control has transition adjustment.
Joystick controller enables effortless positioning or sizing of effects.
4-event memory can store several effects within each event.
Audio input from four sources can be adjusted and mixed for output.
Equipped with GPI terminal for automatic triggering of edit controllers.
Weight of 2.5 kg and power consumption of 15 W.

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Power Cord
Panasonic WJ-AVE55 Manual