Sony DSR-50P DVCAM Portable Recorder PAL

by Sony
Sony DSR-50P DVCAM Portable Recorder PAL
Playback and Recording capability of DV recorded tapes (SP mode only).


The Sony DSR-50P is a portable field editor VTR with a 26-Pin connector. The deck offers AC or DC power options, linear edit capability, and an LCD monitor built-in. 4 channels of audio along with phantom power for special microphones makes the DSR-50 a versatile field player recorder edit machine. This is the PAL standard version usually for European productions.

DVCAM and DV Play and Record
The DSR-50P is a DVCAM player recorder designed for use in the field. The deck will also adapt to record and play back the consumer format DV (in SP speed only). With the inherent advantages of DV acquisition (small camera size, cheap tape stock), the DSR-50 can be the missing link when shooting professionally with (high grade) consumer equipment.

RS-422 For Frame Accurate Audio and Video Edits
The 9-pin connector on the back of the DSR-50P is for RS-422. This machine control protocol allows for frame accurate edits. The SMPTE time code generator marks every frame for accurate control when using a capable edit controller.

AC or DC Power Options
The DSR-50P is fully capable operating with both AC and DV power sources. The deck has a 4-pin XLR for 12-volt input, often seen with battery belts. You can also attach an AC adapter through the 4-pin connector for wall power. Additionally, the machine can also accept Sony BPL or BPM style camera batteries.

26-Pin Camera Connection and Component Video
The DSR-50P has the 26-pin interface. DC out and camera return functions are available through this connection. Additionally, the deck has 3-BNC component analog output. This is useful when integrating with analog broadcast formats or edit facilities.

4 Channels of Audio
The DSR-50P is a professional field player recorder. It comes standard with 4 channels of audio inputs. The operator may choose to use high quality microphones in the course of field production. The DSR-50 has phantom power (+48 volts) for when such microphones are used.

Time Code Input and Output
When multiple time code machines are used together in the course of production, it only makes sense to synchronize time code throughout the shoot. The DSR-50P can generate time code for the other machines or accept time code from some other master time code generator. The operator may also choose to add additional data to the tape by inserting user-bit information. User-bits are added with the time code selections.

Built-In LCD Monitor
The DSR-50P is equipped with a 2.5-inch color LCD monitor. Operators will find the monitor useful for a variety of functions. Menus can be seen and scrolled through and options chosen with simple dial operations. Audio level meters may be layered over the video signal for constant audio level monitoring. Maybe most significantly, you can decide to leave that heavy "portable" monitor home to save time and weight.

PAL and NTSC Playback
The DSR-50P PAL machine will playback NTSC recorded tapes without any systems converter. The DSR-50 NTSC machine will play back PAL recorded tape the same way. The images will be shown on the built-in LCD monitor.

In the Box

AC power cord
Sony DSR-50P manual


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