Sony DSR-30P DVCAM Recorder PAL

by Sony
Sony DSR-30P DVCAM Recorder PAL
Playback capability of DV recorded tapes (SP mode only).
Long recording time: up to 184 minutes with a standard-size cassette and 40 minutes with a mini-size cassette.
i.LINK (DV) interface providing a single cable connection to simultaneously transfer data and control signals as well as digital video and audio signals, with virtually no generation loss.


DVCAM Recording and Playback
The DSR-30P uses the DVCAM format to
provide high video and audio quality with
the reliability necessary for professional use.
8-bit component digital recording with a 5:1
compression ratio and sampling at the rate
of 4:2:0 provide superb picture quality and
multi-generation performance.
184-minute Recording
There are two sizes of DVCAM video
cassette: a mini size and a standard size.
Aithough these tape have a narrow tape
width (1/4-inch or 6.35 mm) and a compact
cassette size, up to a 184-minute recording
can be achieved with a standard size
cassette (PDV-184ME) and a 40-minute
recording with a mini size cassette
DV Playback
The DSR-30P is also capable of playing
back both standard size and mini size
tapes recorded in the consumer DV format
(SP mode only).
Wide Track (15μm) to Assure
Consistent Editing
Developed from the consumer DV format,
the DVCAM format uses a wider track pitch
(15μm) which ensures consistent insert
editing and reliable tape interchange in
professional applications.
High Quality Audio Recording
PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) recording is
used in the DVCAM format. The DSR-30P
can operate in either a 4-channel mode
(32kHz, 12-bit non-linear sampling) or a
2-channel mode (48kHz, 16-bit linear
sampling). In 4-channel mode, Additional
stereo sound can be added onto previously
recorded portions. If a higher sound quality
is required, the equivalent of DAT quality
recording can be achieved in the 2-channel

In the Box

AC power cord
Sony DSR-30P manual


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Rating: 5.0
A Fantastic Machine
Rating: 5.0
By from Australia on
What a great machine. As a filmmaker I have found the DSR30P so good I have used it for all my mastering since 1994. It has never let me down and the features never fail to impress. ONE PROBLEM though is its inability to import data from my Sony Vaio computer via a EEE cord. THIS IS NOT the fault of the recorder though as it exports OK but with Windows not having the required program in the computer. The Vaio only has one output that of the EEE.
Thomas Knight, Wintergarden Film.

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