Sony DSR-25 DVCAM Recorder

by Sony
Sony DSR-25 DVCAM Recorder
Designed for use in DV-based non-linear editing suites.
625/525 switchable.
DV format recording and playback.
i.LINK interface.
Time code through i.LINK.
LCD monitor.


DVCAM and DV Playback and Record
The DSR-25 offers functionality in the professional DVCAM format as well as the consumer, ubiquitous DV format. Both formats have their advantages. DVCAM offers superior picture quality and greater multi-generational dubbing performance. The DV format offers longer recording duration (maximum 270 minutes versus 180 minutes in DVCAM) and less expensive tape stock prices. This machine lets the user to decide which features are most significant to the end product.

NTSC and PAL Switchable Operation
When using the digital input, the DSR-25 automatically detects the signal standard, NTSC or PAL. When inputting an analog signal, the machine has a manual select switch on the back, which allows you to select the desired mode.

Easy Duplication Modes
The DSR-25 has three duplication modes which can be set from the menu to copy cassettes:

Auto Tape Copy with Cassette Memory Copy creates exact duplication of the original tape without the blank segments, and duplicates the memory on the IC chip.
Auto Tape Copy duplicates the original tape without the blank segments without copying the IC chip information.
Manual Tape Copy is used to copy the original tape from any position on the tape. The IC chip data is not copied.

Built-in LCD Monitor for Confidence and Set-up
While editing, working images are displayed, audio level meters are available, and system status can be shown to simplify the editing process. When setting up the unit for operation, the LCD screen will display the menu options.

Sony's i.Link Interface
The DSR-25 is equipped with a 4-pin i.Link (DV) interface based on the IEEE1394 standard. The i.Link provides a digital link from the DSR-25 to a variety of compatible equipment including Sony DVCAM decks and third party nonlinear editors. Signals including video, audio, time code, and control can be transferred through this port with virtually no degradation of image or sound quality, which is essential in nonlinear editing. In addition, when a DVCAM cassette with IC memory is loaded into the DSR-25, the ClipLink data recorded on the cassette memory can be uploaded to a nonlinear system.

In the Box

AC power cord
Wireless Remote Commander RMT-DS5
AA Dry Batteries x2
Sony DSR-25 Manual
Cleaning Cassette


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