Sony DSR-1P DVCAM Dockable Recorder PAL

by Sony
Sony DSR-1P DVCAM Dockable Recorder PAL
Dual-size cassette mechanism: both standard- and mini-size cassettes accepted.


Digitization is opening up new avenues to success in many business areas. Nowhere is this more

true than in professional video production, where evolving digital technology is bringing proven

advances in image quality and equipment versatility as well as reducing operating costs.

DVCAM was born in 1996 as an extension of the consumer DV format, with which it is compatible.

With its superb picture quality, excellent editing capabilities and multigeneration performance,

DVCAM is the perfect choice of format in the highly competitive world of professional video.

The DSR-1P is a dockable recorder for a camcorder, offering outstanding performance in the

acquisition process. When the DSR-1P is combined with a Sony DXC-D35P or DXC-D35WSP Digital

Camera, it becomes a Digital Camcorder, providing a completely digital signal path and perfect

ClipLink(tm) operation. For complete versatility, the DSR-1P incorporates both a Pro 50-pin analogue

and a Pro 76-pin digital interface, enabling connection to both analogue and digital cameras. The

DSR-1P features a dual-size cassette mechanism that accepts both mini and standard size cassette

tapes without any special adaptors - a first in the history of dockable recorders. With its superb

performance and operating flexibility, the DSR-1P meets all the requirements of video professionals.

In the Box

Shoulder strap
Li-ion button cell (type CR2032)
Sony DSR-1P Manual
ClipLink Guide
Connector cap
2 M4x12 and 2 M4x6 screws


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