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By peter from faroe island on 2014-02-12
one of the best cameras on the market right now !
By Tgs1 from Auckland, NZ on 2014-02-11
These batteries are great. For the cost and the way they preform out in the field I would rate them far superior than the Sony equivalent. Highly recommend.
By Gutti from New Plymouth on 2014-02-08
Have teste these finally, with great results.
Thanks for a prompt delivery.
By nina from jakarta.indonesia on 2014-02-07
Just right on time .. good services
Rightly low price for a low-profile cam
By TURI from Shkoder on 2014-02-06
Picture quality is great (for 17 mb/s mpg4) both on HD & SD. Great "Intelligent Contrast" . Bad "Auto WB". nice having many WB presets. Great image stabilization. Very bad Audio Distortion. when you are on ambient with very loud audio, not because the camcorder is defective but because it's very audio sensitive, even if you put the "Set+AGC" on -18 you will still risk a lot of distortion, if you set lower than -18 you will risk losing a lot of low audio. using a mic that can cut some db (when needed) is the only way out of trouble. Absolutely not a pro, missing almost everything, but certainly, for the price, who can claim more.
By Sergey from Kazakhstan on 2014-01-31
Good item!
Globalmediapro Fantail HD21 HD Video Mixer
By gymno from Germany on 2014-01-30
It is a very good subjekt!!!!
By gaudry l from france on 2014-01-24
tres bon produit et service excellent

je l utilise sur une RED one MX
By Hardik Shukla from Ahmedabad on 2014-01-22
Perfect For Wedding Event.
By Steve from Nairobi, Kenya on 2014-01-18
The quality of this Receiver is amazing. The price offered by Globalmediapro was also very competitive considering that I could not get anyone selling a similar Receiver in Kenya.
By Hampus from Sweden on 2014-01-14
I got nothing else to say it works perfect for my BMCC with the AB mount batteries and Dynacore power adaptor that I bought from here.
By Hampus from Sweden on 2014-01-14
Bought this together with the starter kit to try out a central source. It's rock solid on the rods and the battery is snug. The coiled cables are really nice and labeled appropriately. The only thing not good was the dummy Canon coupler. poor quality, in two pieces when it arrived. But it didn't matter, I couldn't use it on my Zacuto EVF or 7" monitor since the cable came out at the side. Impossible to mount. Otherwise I'm very happy!
Just great!
By Hampus from Sweden on 2014-01-14
Bought this together with the Dynacore power adaptor and it works great. Powers my BMCC, Zacuto EVF + converter and 7" monitor for almost 3,5 hours! And that when everything as on all the time. Charging was faster then what the specs say, about the same time of constant operation. I was new to this whole thing of a central power source and it felt a bit dodgy transferring money but I could be more happy. Ordering two more batteries when next paycheck comes!
By Vexi from Estonia on 2014-01-12
I have tested Sennheiser WE-112P Gr system with my Canon EOS Mark III. Very good system really. High level sound and with ZOOM H4n these are strong equipments.

I have not tested the range of the wireless system, only inside. Roughly 10 m and inside walls are no problem.

Next I'll test this system with Steinberg and high level monitor headers.

I can recommend Sennheiser to anyone!
By Ronan from Japan on 2014-01-12
Working perfectly.
Nothing else to say.
By Morten from Denmark on 2014-01-11
Great product in a small form factor. Works as expected
By N2SVideo from Riverina on 2014-01-01
The S-101A HD-SDI to HDMI Converter with Embedded Audio does exactly what it is meant to do. I use it to convert a camera signal to HDMI for live monitoring on a 23 inch screen. Works like a charm.
By Panda from blackburn 3130 on 2014-01-01
Excellent performance and excellent service from Globalmediapro Thank you
By Bishnugtm from Damauli,Nepal on 2013-12-29
High permormance,good look
By JJ from NSW Australia on 2013-12-26
We use this size for powering wireless links, perfect not big and bulky and no problems with airlines or shipping.
By Michael from Australia on 2013-12-21
I bought a pair of these. They are huge, heavy and sound fantastic. Definitely #1 in bang for the buck. Plenty of bass, but boost the high +1db for balance. I put them on Isoacoustic stands to reduce resonance. And give the cones time to loosen up before you make final judgement.
Note: I and others have found that if it is dropped during shipping, parts get loose so clarify return policy in advance.
By clueluzz from Jakarta, Indonesia on 2013-12-18
This battery is outstanding. Lasts very long on the Alexa XT, and charges very fast with the Globalmediapro SCA4S 4-channel Charger/ AC Adaptor. Now I don't have to worry about running out of batteries on set or while being mobile.

Also, customer service goes above and beyond to make sure you get your order.
By AyAres from Johor Bahru, MALAYSIA on 2013-12-18
fast deliver.... good item....
By Integrity from Sydney on 2013-12-17
I would have preferred if it was stated that the tripod legs wouldn't come with a video head.
By blubber from germany on 2013-12-15
got that for my scarlet. good prices and good batterys so far. i use this now since 2 month. leight weight battery for handholt.
By Jag from Hyderabad on 2013-12-07
A perfect camera for weddings and videography schools.
By kin from Botswana py on 2013-12-06
the camera picture is superb i am a happy customer.
By tywald from Sweden on 2013-12-01
Fast delivery, good price and the power supply that I got was directly suited for "Shuko" outlet standard which my country uses! (I was very surprised, I thought it would come with a UK standard).
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