We guarantee all our equipment for 12 months, as per the manufacturer's guarantee, for faults due to the manufacturing process.

Please note:
- If the manufacturer's authorized repair centre decides the fault is not due to the manufacturing process, the buyer has to pay for the repair. This includes repairs where there has been misuse, tampering, modification or damage as a result of accident, contamination, impact or lack of proper care as indicated in the operations manual.
- The probability of faults due to the manufacturing process is very low. Many problems are due to software and can often be solved by email.

Additionally, through the eshop, you are able to purchase a Mack Extended warranty which covers equipment for up to 4 years. Mack also offers a Diamond warranty which covers certain insurance situations such as accidental damages - please visit Mack website for more information.

Use the Contact us form to request service for equipment covered by our guarantee (please use Mack website for Mack warranty).

But first, try the following simple things:

  • restore the default factory settings using the operating manual
  • replace the signal cables
  • switch off all other devices powered by the same electricity supply
  • check the equipment is properly grounded
  • check you do not plug/unplug signal cables while the equipment is switched on
  • check the equipment for visible damage