Which particular Globalmediapro batteries are compatible with Blackmagic Cinema Camera / Production Camera 4K?

Blackmagic Cinema Camera and 4K Production Camera can be powered from any Globalmediapro V-Mount (including batteries for RED camera), Gold Mount, BP-U and USB batteries using the D-Tap to DC cable.

BatteryCapacity, WhBattery TypeBMCC / BMPC 4K run-time
Li65S65V-Mount3h 15m
Li65A65Gold Mount3h 15m
DCU6565BP-U3h 15m
Li95S95V-Mount4h 45m
Li95DS 95V-Mount4h 45m
Li95S-HW-R 95V-Mount (for RED)4h 45m
Li95A95Gold Mount4h 45m
Li95A-HW 95Gold Mount4h 45m
Li95DA 95Gold Mount4h 45m
DCU95 95 BP-U4h 45m
Li95U 95 USB 4h 45m
Li160S-R160V-Mount (for RED)8h
Li160S-HW-R160V-Mount (for RED)8h
Li160A160Gold Mount8h
Li160DA 160Gold Mount8h
Li160A-HW 160Gold Mount8h
Li190S190V-Mount9h 30m
Li190DS190V-Mount9h 30m
Li190BS190V-Mount9h 30m
Li190BDS 190V-Mount9h 30m
Li190S-R190V-Mount (for RED)9h 30m
Li190BS-R190V-Mount (for RED)9h 30m
Li190A190Gold Mount9h 30m
Li190BA190Gold Mount9h 30m
Li190BDA190Gold Mount9h 30m
Li230S230V-Mount11h 30m
Li230S-HW230V-Mount11h 30m
Li230S-R230V-Mount (for RED)11h 30m
Li230S-HW-R230V-Mount (for RED)11h 30m
Li230A230Gold Mount11h 30m
Li230A-HW 230Gold Mount11h 30m