What is a V-Mount battery?

A V-mount battery is a type of rechargeable battery commonly used in professional video and cinema equipment, such as cameras, lights, and monitors. It gets its name from the V-shaped mount on the back of the battery, which allows it to be easily attached to and detached from compatible devices.

V-mount batteries typically provide high capacity and voltage output, making them ideal for powering high-end equipment that requires a lot of power. They also often include additional features like built-in voltage indicators and multiple power outputs, which can be used to power multiple devices simultaneously.

All Globalmediapro V-Mount batteries are also equipped with a D-Tap 2-pin DC power connector which serves as both an input for charging purposes and an output to enable the user to power accessories.

Several Globalmediapro V-mount batteries also provide USB outputs.

Globalmediapro V-Mount Batteries and Chargers