Globalmediapro charger - AC adaptor

The AC Adaptor converts electricity grid voltages (AC 90-240V, 50-60Hz) to 15V DC voltage. The 15V DC voltage is accepted by many professional video cameras through their 4-pin XLR connectors. The AC Adaptor is an useful addition to the charger's functionality and allows the avoidance of a separate power adaptor.

Globalmediapro V-Mount chargers (SCA2S, SCA4S) and Gold Mount chargers (SCA2A, SCA4A) are equipped with AC Adaptors, however, it is not possible to utilize the AC power adaptor and charge batteries at the same time.

With the AC Adaptor on Globalmediapro NP-Mount chargers (SCA2N, SCA4N) it is possible to power a camera whilst batteries are being charged.

Unlike the previously mentioned models the SC1 D-Tap charger is not equipped with an AC Adaptor, however, it is possible to purchase the SA1 AC Adaptor separately from the charger.

Globalmediapro includes XLR DC power cables with all AC adaptors the company sells.