How to choose a power adapter for a camcorder, RED camera?

When selecting a power adapter for your camera, please consider the following:

1. The adapter should not leak power:

Power adapters that operate with batteries should have a very low power draw themselves, allowing more power to reach the equipment. This is particularly crucial for cameras with high power requirements (e.g., the RED camera, which draws 60W).

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2. The adapter should not cause spikes in power demand:

Low-quality adapters can mistakenly aggregate power demands from multiple devices, misinterpret fluctuations in power requirements from the camera, or even generate sparks during switching operations. These issues can lead to sudden spikes in power demand that exceed the battery's capacity.

Please bear this in mind when using cameras with high power consumption alongside batteries with lower maximum power thresholds. Opting for a low-quality adapter might cause the battery to shut down prematurely, whereas a high-quality adapter could allow it to function perfectly.

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For RED cameras, we highly recommend utilizing the original RED adapters, including the Red Quickplate, Backpack Quickplate, Red Cradle, and Battery Belt Clip. These genuine RED V-Mount adapters can be obtained from

The original RED adapters deliver consistent performance, accurately transmit charge information to the camera's LCD, and ensure an extended battery lifespan. Unlike certain low-quality adapters, they do not experience power leakage and do not generate power demand spikes.

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