How to choose a power adapter for a camcorder, RED camera?

When choosing a power adapter for your camera, please take into consideration the following:

1. The adapter should not leak power

Power adapters which work with batteries should have a very low power draw for themselves, allowing more power to reach equipment. This is especially important for cameras with high power draws (for example, RED camera draws 60W).

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2. The adapter should not create spikes in power demand

Low quality adapters may incorrectly combine demand from several devices, incorrectly interpret a change in power demand from the camera or may spark when switched on and off - creating a spike in power demand beyond the battery's power limit.

Please keep this in mind when using cameras with high power draws in combination with batteries with a lower maximum power draw (for example, a RED camera powered by a smaller, lighter, travel friendly Globalmediapro Li95S-HW-R battery). Using a low quality adapter may result in the battery shutting down whilst, it could continue working perfectly if a high quality adapter had been used.

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For RED cameras, we recommend using original RED adapters (Red Quickplate, Backpack Quickplate, Red Cradle, Battery Belt Clip). The original RED V-Mount adapters are available from

The original RED adapters provide consistent performance, correctly transfer charge information to the camera's LCD and guarantee long battery life span. Unlike some low quality adapters they do not leak power and do not produce power demand spikes.

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