How to choose a camcorder light?

Camcorder Lights are those that mount directly on a camcorder.

There are many light types for different shooting techniques. Ligting kits may include several different lights and stands, and they require time to set. On-camera lights are lightweight, intense and durable. This makes them ideal for many situations where jobs demand a battery-powered light mounted on the camera for quick shots and sufficient brightness to illuminate the subject.

Small lights create a very harsh light with a very hard shadow and a bigger light with a soft filter would be preferable. At the same time, the camcorder-mounted light should not be too heavy or large. Consider the size of your camcorder and choose the biggest LED light panel it can reasonably carry.

Make sure the light can provide both tungsten warm 3200K light and 5600K daylight.

It is useful to have Barn Doors accessory to control the direction and spread of light, shape the light beam, prevent spillage, create lighting effects, and minimize unwanted reflections. Barn Doors offer control and versatility in lighting setups.

We also recommend a diffuser filter that is used to soften and distribute light evenly, reduce glare, and create a more pleasing and controlled lighting environment.

Consider the light's CRI. CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. It is a quantitative measure of a light source's ability to accurately reproduce the colors of objects compared to a natural light source. A CRI of 90 or higher is considered excellent for accurate color representation.

Check what power voltage your camcorder uses. If your camera or its battery is equipped with a 12V D-Tap connector you can use a 12V light. If your camcorder uses a small battery such as DV, check if the battery or camcorder has got a round DC connector - use a light equipped with DC input of compatible voltage.

High capacity batteries can simultaneously power a camcorder and light. If you use a small battery, choose a light powered by a dedicated battery, so your camera power will not depend on the light usage. If your camcorder or battery are not equipped with a DC or D-Tap output, you have little choice but to use a light with a dedicated battery.

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