How to choose a camcorder light?

Camcorder Lights are those that mount directly on a camcorder.

1. Bulb or LED

Bulbs give arguably better colors than LEDs but consume much more power.

2. 12V or DV voltages

Check what power voltage your camcorder uses. If it is equipped with a 12V D-Tap connector you can use a 12V light. If your camcorder uses a small battery such as DV, check if the battery or camcorder has got a 1-pin DC connector - use a light equipped with DC input of compatible voltage.

3. Camcorder battery or dedicated battery

High capacity batteries can simultaneously power a camcorder and light. If you use a small battery, choose a light powered by a dedicated battery. It is convenient to use the same battery type for both your camcorder and light.

If your camcorder or battery are not equipped with a DC or D-Tap output, you have little choice but to use a light with a dedicated battery.

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