Editing Purchase Orders

Click on "Edit Purchase Orders" in the top menu.

On this page you can see a list of existing Purchase Orders you previously built.

The Purchase Orders are contracts between you and Globalmediapro, binding for Globalmediapro. Globalmediapro cannot cancel an existing Purchase Order or its parts without your consent.

You can cancel a Purchase Order or its part. To cancel a Purchase Order click on "36XXXXX" to open the Purchase Order for editing. Click on "Delete". The Purchase Order will be deleted.

To cancel a part of a Purchase Order, open the Purchase Order for editing, click on "del" (far right) next to products you wish to remove from the Purchase Order.

When you cancel a Purchase Order or delete a product line from a Purchase Order, Globalmediapro software will immediatly reconsider required quantity for the cancelled products. A new request for the products will immediately appear in the Build Purchase Orders page.

Please edit Purchase Orders dates. A Purchase Order date is an estimated date of its dispatch. Make it round: say 10th, 20th or 30th of the month. If some products to be delivered later, make a new Purchase Order with the products and change its date. To change the date, open the Purchase Order for editing. Change the date (date format YYYY-MM-DD). Click Save.

You can edit prices and quantities in a Purchase Order. For that, open the Purchase Order for editing. Change quantities and prices. Click Save.

If you increase prices, number of products or add freight cost, the Purchase Order must be orally confirmed by Globalmediapro before shipped.