Does your price include Import Duty and taxes?

Our prices do not include Import Duty/Tariff and GST/VAT applicable in your country. We deliver by a courier such as DHL, FedEx and UPS. You will pay Import Duty/Tariff and GST/VAT to the courier and the courier will make a GST/VAT invoice. The courier's GST/VAT invoice is accepted for GST/VAT Return - the courier is a GST/VAT registered company your country.

  • Importers in the USA do not pay Sales Tax (which acts similar to GST/VAT for local purchases).
  • GST/VAT registered companies and individuals in other countries, including those in the EU, can claim the GST/VAT back at the end of the GST/VAT period. So, the final cost does not include GST/VAT, if you are GST/VAT registered.

You can check the rates by contacting your local customs office, courier representative or using the below links.

EU Tariff codes/rates

Check your EU tariff code

US duty (for orders over USD2000)

Australia and New Zealand: almost all duties are 0%